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Inclined Plane
Flood Museum
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Music Festival
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Thunder in the Valley
AAABA Baseball
Sunnehanna Golf
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Johnstown Tomahawks NAHL hockey team
Sunnehanna - premier amateur golf tournament in U.S.
AAABA - premier amateur baseball tournament in U.S.
Steepest vehicular inclined plane in the world
1889 Flood - largest natural inland disaster in U.S. history
Luzerne Street - longest row of Elm trees in the U.S.
Conemaugh Gorge - deepest east of the Mississippi River
Thunder in the Valley motorcycle rally
Cambria City Cultural District
Roxbury Bandshell - last of 27 bandshells built in 1939
Slapshot movie filmed in 1977
All The Right Moves movie filmed in 1983
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